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A Video-Book Crash Course in the Art & Science of Playing Rock Guitar featuring Randy Fluker on Guitar

Now for the first time, in the tradition of his famous books, Richard Daniels has created a video/book crash course like no other. Everything you need to know is demonstrated through 167 tab transcriptions, each numbered on the video and in the booklet. A six chapter format spans the entire rock guitar experience with hands-on examples. The origin of scales from overtones, the spectrum of string technique, pentatonic, blues moves, rhythm figures, power chords, suspensions, major, minor, shredding, modes, pedals, arpeggios, sweeps, wammy, harmonics, taps, 12 fret studies of all essential scales, classic licks, inside secrets; everything is demonstrated clearly on your TV and backed up directly in the book with coordinated charts, scale/chord diagrams, tab transcriptions and colorful text. Packed with information, this course requires working directly with your home VCR and TV.

Spotlighted in Guitar Player Magazine as an upcoming talent, Randy Fluker is featured on guitar. Everything is ready. The hundreds of hours of preparation are over. The stage is set and the lights are up. The racks are on. Thirty guitars are in their stands. 72 rock albums dress the set. Richard and Randy are ready to teach...

So let's get on with it: GUITARISTS OF THE WORLD...

*   *   *

70 minutes, six chapters
167 transcribed passages
15 figures, VHS

*   *   *

50 pages, six chapters, eight charts
167 tab transcriptions, 59 fretboard diagrams
40 chord figures, numerous essays

*   *   *

Discover a wonderfully clear window into the art and science of playing modern rock guitar inside this expansive, specialized crash course. Masterminded by Richard Daniels, this course maintains both a high impact 70 minute video and a 50 page booklet of detailed information which works together to provide you with true "hands-on" understanding.

Determined to totally expand your knowledge of the instrument, this intense, all out video/booklet package won't quit until you truly know Rock Guitar - Inside & Out

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