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Two months after this unique rock guitar instruction manual was published, Guitar Player Magazine book review called the Bible "concise, generous and well conceived - everything you ever wanted to know about playing rock guitar but were afraid to ask." Broad in its scope, The Heavy Guitar Bible is the ultimate manual for those who want to truly understand the dimensional world of today's electric guitarist. Intensely researched, hundreds of diagrams, beautifully hand illustrated. The Heavy Guitar Bible teaches with an attitude that is goal oriented: Get the student up and running the fretboard without unnecessary theory and complications.

Twelve full chapters and a seventeen part appendix take you on a step-by-step journey that ends with true understanding of the guitar's fretboard.

Richard Daniels speaks on The Heavy Guitar Bible

The Heavy Guitar Bible is my first book. In its pages you will find the "Real Inside Story" of exactly how the blues scale applies directly to rock guitar. At the time I wrote it, I was definitely searching out the various scales and techniques that I heard on my favorite records, and I did my best to copy them directly. The book was a direct result from my personal search to understand. Even with my best effort, there was some unknown stumbling block that was stopping me from really getting it right. I knew I only had broken parts of the whole picture. Then one night I made a break-through discovery: All of a sudden I saw the light that there are TWO DIFFERENT five note scale at work in the lead blues/rock guitar picture. Once I combined those two pentatonic scales with the E major chord form on paper "a star was born". It all came clear to me once I laid it out in cold, unchanging dots on fretboard diagrams: I could see that it was these two scales that were the cornerstone of what rock guitarists use to make a living and create their art.

It wasn't long after this singular realization that I started to write The Heavy Guitar Bible just to let my discoveries see the light of day, and to spread the news to others like myself that were struggling to understand basic rock guitar. Looking back at the attitude that forged my first book, I can now see that it was written with a sort of persistent "rush to judgment." Once I located the basic blues scale, I never asked too many questions about where it came from, how it related to any other type of music. My single-minded goal was to "box out" the scales to play them. The Bible is a skeletal picture of pentatonic-based blues/rock guitar written by a fellow guitarist fresh from the trenches of raw discovery. 

I learned a tremendous amount about the guitar during the actual writing of the book. One discovery built directly upon the other. I have to admit that there is an "over the top" feeling of missionary zeal that weaves itself throughout the Bible. I preached the most basic, critical information again and again. Eventually, after pushing one basic concept after another down onto the paper, I realized that I had defined the landscape, the backdrop of playing rock guitar. 

After all was said and done, a common thread surfaced that sort of tied the entire book together in a unified "you can do it" spirit. The underlying theme of the book is that after you overcome the difficulty of grasping the necessary concepts, you will ultimately find that applying blues rock guitar is something that is easy to do.

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Dear Richard Daniels
   I am writing you just to let you know how wonderful your Heavy Guitar Bible is. I have read many books on guitar theory and different techniques on playing guitar. It is a passion to me to know why things "are the way they are" concerning all aspects of playing the guitar. NO other book has done what yours has. I truly can not thank you enough for the knowledge I have received from your expertise. Your books really get the point across. Your Bible is an inspiration to all.

Sincerely, a great fan,
Kevin Metallo, Kenosha, WI

*   *   *   *   *

Dear Richard
   Please send me (1) one copy of The Heavy Guitar Bible. I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of this book for a while. I loaned my copy to a student and never saw it again. It is simply the best written entry level "how to" manual of rock and roll guitar ever written. I have used it for years as a starting point for my guitar students, as well as some very good intermediate lessons.

Thanks a million.
Rik Stewart, Xenia OH

*   *   *   *   *

Dear Mr. Heavy
   I am sorry that I did not write sooner to tell you about the wonders of your Heavy Guitar Bible, and what it has revealed to me.

   I bought the Bible about five years ago. But it's only now, when I re-read it, that my eyes were first opened, and now it makes sense. The Bible not only helped me learn vital information about playing, but about guitars and rock- period. I have many friends who also are very good rock musicians and even they had to agree that the Bible in itself is a tremendous resource of information to any player, advanced to the beginner.

Yours truly,
Johnson Ndabsa, South Africa

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