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This unique hour and forty-five minute video comes with its own twelve page manual that contains a generous serving of fretboard diagrams, graphics and tab transcriptions that work directly with the video. This course was created to allow Richard Daniels to sit right down in front of the camera and, with guitar in hand, explain the various theories concerning blues guitar put forth in his famous book Blues Guitar - Inside & Out. Although this course refers directly to the general concepts found in the book itself, because the video comes with its own manual it is not necessary to own the book in order to take the course.

Basic concepts are covered that concern the octave, major triad, major chord forms, and major scale, but after this formative picture has been painted the narrative moves directly into elements of blues lead guitar and ultimate blues stylings. Spotlighted in this process is the dynamic interaction of the two pentatonic scales, and their relationship to the changing chord wheel of the fixed blues form. Each subject is addressed separately and consecutively until an overall understanding of blues elements is grasped. This no-frills video title also gives you a chance to "meet the author" as he personally explains his book, and shows off his customized Stratocaster. Of course the whole thing ends exactly like it should: with a hand full of contemporary hot blues licks.

Richard Daniels speaks on the making of The Blues Guitar - Inside & Out VIDEO

I made the blues video in the music room in the basement of my house. I wanted to skip all of the MTV image barrage thing and get right down to explaining the guitar. I learned that a common mistake made by daredevils that go about filming themselves expounding on their subject of expertise is that they tend to overthink everything before the camera rolls, and freeze like a clam after it does.

It took an hour or so before I got an introduction down, but after a while the project seemed to take on a life of its own. I had previously made my Rock Guitar- Inside & Out video in an expensive, formalized recording studio in Philadelphia with everything scripted. With this project I wanted to just go down stairs and explain what I already know, deep inside, about blues guitar to the camera without all of the pressure to perform under time restraints, and people pointing at me saying "action."

I guess what I am trying to say is that this is a video of me at home, in the basement, sitting in a chair with my green Strat, trying my best to verbally illustrate the very same concepts that you find in my blues book. I am very familiar with the limitations of writing a music book, and it came as a sort of relief to me to get the chance to informally show my students, in the context of a one on one personal setting, the sights and sounds of the subject matter addressed in the pages of my book.

Looking back on the project, and watching it today, I am amazed at my effort to explain the dynamics of the science. It almost seems like I "had to get something off my chest." I am glad for that, because it really is important to me to bring the student to "see the light" that I myself glimpse from time to time. Blues music is playing everywhere around us, but here is my humble, at home effort to come to terms with understanding its nature. Beware of the length of the tape: almost two hours. Hey, if you are up for it, I am up for it.

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