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The Heavy Guitar Company is proud to announce Richard Daniels' first guitar instruction CD/Book package "50 Blues Moves." This professional, high-gloss publication contains a regular play CD in a sleeve inside the front cover of the large 9" x 12" book thirty-two page book. The CD contains 50 precision recording of a vast variety of blues passages. Each "Move" can be quickly located by simply pressing its corresponding number on your CD player.

In addition to an introduction from the author, the book contains an in-depth "opening lesson" about the blues scale taken from the pages of The Art of Playing Rock Guitar. Each move has an in-depth, numbered description that gives the inside story on its playing, which artist's style it is taken from, and where on the fretboard to execute the passage. Each move has a precision six line tab transcription that demonstrates its key features. Based on Chapter 16 from Richard's book Blues Guitar - Inside & Out, this CD/book package is filled with great inside advice and insight. In addition to the 50 Blues Moves, you also get two additional tracks (51 & 52) which roll you through the common 12 bar blues in the key of E and A so you can play your new found moves right over some real blues music!

Richard Daniels speaks on the 50 Blues Moves CD/Book

The 50 Blues Moves CD grew directly out of a demand to hear the 50 passages that are presented in Chapter 16 of the Blues Guitar - Inside & Out book. The idea was to provide the student with an extensive blues vocabulary lesson with the focus on real playing examples rather than overall theory. There is no need for a plastic case for the CD because it slips right into a sleeve on the inside cover so the book/CD can be stored on a library bookshelf.

The guitar lesson in the front of the book does get into some overall blues lead theory (over 30 diagrams and tab examples) but the thrust of the project was to give the student examples of the type of guitarwork I actually use when I go out on the blues performance stage. Real hands-on stuff. I wanted to take the student on a tour of the "favorite places" that blues guitarist employ that convert to movable centers for applications to other keys. And I also wanted to demonstrate "locked' positions that involve open strings that are unique to single fixed places on the board. Of course I "lifted" ideas from all of the greats: Robert Johnson, B.B. King, Stevie Ray, Johnny Winter, and so on. What I did was round off their signature styles and made the elements suitable for teaching examples.

As the numbers got higher, I wanted to go beyond simple riffs. I made a special point of demonstrating passing chords, sliding figures, and alternative arrangements of classic blues language. All of the recording was done with my 70's era tri-bolt Stratocaster through a directly miked ten inch music man amp. After all of the hours I spent recording the moves, and the endless runs that it sometimes took to get the working take, well, everything changed when I put on the first production CD and to my astonishment and joy I could instantly "go to" any single one of the moves. Soon after I discovered the advantage of having those extra "play along" tracks on moves 51 and 52. If you put in your time, like I did, you will reap huge benefits from this window into the art of playing blues guitar.

Following is a text sample from the back cover of the book/CD package 50 Blues Moves:

Believe me, as the author of Blues Guitar - Inside & Out, I can assure you that by studying the 50 blues guitar passages found in this unique book/CD package, you will experience a tremendous expansion of your blues guitar vocabulary. Each and every move is carefully explained, transcribed and recorded to clearly expose a different aspect of the integral art of blues guitar playing.

The guitar opened up its wonders to all of the historic blues players of history: Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and dozens of others we all know. During this unbroken chain of development, the guitar's fretboard was exhaustively explored by each artist until a special common language emerged, a lexicon of positions and phrases which formed the cornerstone of the art. 50 Blues Moves was specifically designed to shine a bright spotlight on these precise string techniques and position methods by providing fifty close up, "hands on" examples that span the vast spectrum of blues guitar performance.

Richard Daniels is also the author of The Heavy Guitar Bible, Jimi Hendrix- Note for Note and The Art of Playing Rock Guitar.

The 50 Blues Moves in this product were based on those originally printed in chapter 16 of Blues Guitar - Inside & Out.

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Hello Mr. Daniels
   Been meaning to write this for some time. Simply, thank you for writing and recording the Fifty Blues Moves CD/book. Most of my guitar playing for the past several decades has been non-blues (show tunes, folk rock, pop etc.) All self taught… Fifty Blues Moves attracted me at a local music store, and after some hard study, I'm finally trying in some earnest to "get it."

   I give you a lot of credit, sir. Your knowledge seems vast, and plus that, you seem to be a formidable guitarist. I have learned the basic blues from your book Blues Guitar- Inside & Out, but the inclusion of the CD in Fifty Blues Moves must be my greatest joy in "discovering" the blues. Hearing the recording and having the transcriptions right in front of one's eyes- that did it.

   So thank you for sharing your talent, musical knowledge and teaching ability with the world, particularly me.

Best wishes,
James Hohenzy, Wheaton IL

50 Blues Moves CD/Book @ $ 17.95 each
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