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Richard Daniels is known worldwide for creating unique guitar instruction products. He is the author of world famous titles such as The Heavy Guitar Bible, Jimi Hendrix - Note for Note, Blues Guitar - Inside & Out, Be Dangerous on Rock Guitar, Rock Guitar - Inside & Out, The Art of Playing Rock Guitar, and many guitar instruction videos, audio tapes & CD.

Our Philosophy: Explain how the instrument works, show the capabilities of the hand, and paint an overall picture of the necessary chords, scales and techniques. Then give real-life "hands-on" examples of how to make the sounds that you hear on recordings. I don't believe that it is necessary to read music to possess a powerful, diverse, inventive guitar style. What you need to know is the inside story, the universal language of guitar which allows you to truly understand and develop any style that you choose.

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Our Commitment From The Start: To develop a full line of books and tapes for the guitarist who wants to know the most important facts straight from the shoulder. Then, step by step, be presented with a complete overview until your journey ends at the finer points of modern guitar technique. You arrive without all the hassles of formal lessons.

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It All Started with my first full length book: The Heavy Guitar Bible (12 Chapters, 106 pages). I produced and published it independently, so we made no compromise on content or quality. After the Bible came off the press, Guitar Player Magazine called it: "exceptionally clear and highly imaginative. The book's informational contents pertaining to the electric guitar are concise and well conceived."

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There are two sides to the world of the electric guitar. One side concerns

itself with the material reality of getting the money for good equipment,

finding the time to play, getting tune, finding a place to play, learning the

basics and simply finding the energy to get everything together so you can

start to make the music happen.

The second side concerns itself with music as a art form. Discussions of art

always deal with philosophy, perception, inspiration and the motives that

drive the artist to create. Although we are still pretty close to the roots,

electric guitar music has a real history of development, an incredible

evolution that is still taking place.

Each guitarist that really broke new ground into unexplored territory did so

with unbounded energy without care or thought of the past or future. Each

trend started went through a personal discovery whereby he transcended the

elements and standards around him and fearlessly did something new.

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